Proton Live

Real-time reporting, analytics and monitoring of the Proton Chain by ProtonUK. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive instant notifications.
Proton Live
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What we do

Blockchain analytics 📊 ️

We provide users with reports and analytics for Proton Chain allowing them to get better insights of the blockchain.
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Blockchain monitoring 🖥

We monitor the Proton Chain in real-time for significant and interesting events and post them over Telegram as they happen.
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Loan Health Monitor 🏥

Subscribe to receive instant Telegram notifications when your Proton Loan health falls below a certain threshold.
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Blockchain History API ⚛

We provide Hyperion History (v2 API) for Proton Chain allowing users and business to run queries against the Proton Chain history.
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About the platform

Proton Live aim is to provide real-time reporting of the Proton Chain.

Proton Live is created and maintained by ProtonUK. We are a leading block producer on the Proton Chain network. We run a content-rich website at and a weekly newsletter that goes out every Monday. We also provide a beginners guide as well as an FAQ section to help new users get up to speed. Find us on Twitter (@Proton_UK) and follow our blog for the latest news and articles on the Proton ecosystem.

1. What is Proton Live?

Proton Live is ProtonUK's next incentive to bring more value to users and provide more transparency of the events happening on the blockchain.

2. Why Proton Live?

Protonscan is great but it doesn't offer any reporting and analytics functionality so we decided to build one that it does.

3. What does Proton Live offer?

At the moment we monitor the blockchain for significant and interesting transfers and report them over Telegram. We are in the process of building reporting and analytics dashboards and in the future we will keep adding services.

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