Proton Loan Health Monitor

Subscribe to Proton Loan Health Monitor to receive instant Telegram notifications if your Proton Loan health falls below a certain threshold.

Send /start message to the bot and follow the instructions. The commands are explained below:

You can subscribe to the service by sending /setup command and unsubscribing by sending /cancel command.

To check your current loan health and service settings send /check command.

There are two thresholds that are set by default when your service is active. You can change them at any time to fit your risk tolerance:

  • ⚠ Warning (50% by default), change it by sending /warning
  • 🚨Critical(25% by default), change it by sending /critical

📩 Notifications are instant and if you fall below a threshold a message will be sent. We recommend keeping your loan health over 100% to avoid getting liquidated if there is a sudden coin crash.

📈 To fine-tune your loan health lease use the /interest command to set your loan interest.

❌Cancel at any time by sending /cancel command. You can subscribe again immediately by sending /setup command.

You can also set a custom notification sound on telegram for when the bot sends you an alert so that you don't miss it among other notifications:

Notification Sounds, Bot Revolution and More
Today’s update adds creating your own notification tones, setting custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, as well as supercharged bots ready to outshine any website, improved forwarding that preserves replies, and a lot more.
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