Blockchain monitoring

We monitor Proton Chain in real-time for interesting and significant events and publish them over Telegram as they happen.


Notifications for the following categories are published when they match the criteria or breach the thresholds below:

  • ⚛ Mainnet: XPR and wrapped coin transfers on mainnet.
  • ⛓ Cross-chain: cross-chain transfers of XPR and other coins.
  • 🔄 Swap: swapping of XPR, XMT, LOAN and all wrapped coins.
  • 🥩 Staking: staking and unstaking of XPR and LOAN (including duration).
  • 🥩 Long staking: payouts including rewards (over 250k XPR).
  • 💰 Loan markets: lending, borrowing and liquidations.
  • 💱Liquidity: funds added and removed from liquidity.
  • 📈 Inflation: change in inflation (reaching a whole number).
  • 🔥 Burn: XPR burns (for amounts bigger than 100k XPR).
  • 🚨 Scam: Proton and KuCoin scam accounts activity.


We took a different approach to how we define thresholds. Instead of having one fixed cap for all coins, we've looked at how many transfers there were over the past month for each coin. While we want to monitor the significant transactions we also don't want to flood the notification channels with messages. Thus, the thresholds will be reviewed on a monthly basis and they may be updated based on the last week's number of transactions and currency amount:

Last update: 07/09/2022
Long staking payout transactions are reported for transactions where the rewards are over 250k XPR.
Burns reported for transactions where burned XPR is over 100k.
Transactions from scam accounts are always reported.
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