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Block Producers

Block producers' details and metrics, including their rank, number of votes, location and life time rewards.
RankProducer RoleProducerLocationTwitterTelegramAPI statusP2P StatusRegistered
1Producer protonnzAuckland, NZ Up (1.05 seconds behind)Up2/10/2021
2Producer eosusaGreenville,SC, US Up (0.27 seconds behind)Up4/23/2020
3Producer cafeCanada, CA Up (0.34 seconds behind)Up4/28/2020
4Producer protonukLondon, GB Up (0.08 seconds behind)Up9/29/2021
5Producer cryptolionsUkraine, UA Up (0.02 seconds behind)Up4/22/2020
6Producer quantumblokOhio, US DownUp3/27/2021
7Producer protonkiwiAuckland, NZ N/AUp (0.58 seconds behind)Up5/20/2022
8Producer alvosecGermany, DE Up (0.02 seconds behind)Up2/16/2022
9Producer eosamsterdamAmsterdam, NL Up (0.18 seconds behind)Up4/22/2020
10Producer brotonbpMoscow, RU Up (0.03 seconds behind)Up3/9/2022
11Producer alohaeosHonolulu, HI, US Up (0.26 seconds behind)Up4/22/2020
12Producer totalprotonBarcelona, ES Up (0.55 seconds behind)Up7/13/2021
13Producer swedenSweden, SE Up (0.13 seconds behind)Up4/22/2020
14Producer protonmtMontana, US DownDown7/16/2021
15Producer protonindBangalore, IN DownDown7/19/2021
16Producer teamgreymassVancouver, CA Up (0.56 seconds behind)Up4/23/2020
17Producer eosbarcelonaBarcelona, ES Up (0.1 seconds behind)Up4/24/2020
18Producer saltantMoscow, RU Up (0.55 seconds behind)Up9/25/2021
19Producer eosphereAustralia, AU Up (0.63 seconds behind)Up4/23/2020
20Producer protonmadridMadrid, ES Up (0.02 seconds behind)Up9/29/2020
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